Recipient class

Represents a single recipient that has been resolved.

public class Recipient


Name Description
Recipient() The default constructor.


Name Description
Availability { get; set; } Identifies status and free/busy data of the users or distribution lists identified in the request for the time identified by the StartTime and EndTime. When the Availability is included in a ResolveRecipients request, the server retrieves free/busy information for the users identified in the To elements included in the request, and returns the free/busy information in the MergedFreeBusy in the response.
Certificates { get; set; } Contains information about the certificates for a recipient.
DisplayName { get; set; } Contains the display name of the recipient.
EmailAddress { get; set; } Contains the email address of the recipient, in SMTP format.
Picture { get; set; } Contains the data related to the contact photos.
Type { get; set; } Indicates the type of recipient.

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