FolderTypes enumeration

Specifies the type of the folder that was updated (renamed or moved) or added on the server.

public enum FolderTypes


Name Value Description
UserCreatedFolder 1 User-created folder (generic)
DefaultInboxFolder 2 Default Inbox folder
DefaultDraftsFolder 3 Default Drafts folder
DefaultDeletedItemsFolder 4 Default Deleted Items folder
DefaultSentItemsFolder 5 Default Sent Items folder
DefaultOutboxFolder 6 Default Outbox folder
DefaultTasksFolder 7 Default Tasks folder
DefaultCalendarFolder 8 Default Calendar folder
DefaultContactsFolder 9 Default Contacts folder
DefaultNotesFolder 10 Default Notes folder
DefaultJournalFolder 11 Default Journal folder
UserCreatedMailFolder 12 User-created Mail folder
UserCreatedCalendarFolder 13 User-created Calendar folder
UserCreatedContactsFolder 14 User-created Contacts folder
UserCreatedTasksFolder 15 User-created Tasks folder
UserCreatedJournalFolder 16 User-created journal folder
UserCreatedNoteFolder 17 User-created Notes folder
UnknownFolderType 18 Unknown folder type
RecipientInformationCache 19 Recipient information cache

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