MeetingResponse enumeration

MeetingResponse namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

public enum MeetingResponse


Name Value Description
CalendarId 5 Specifies the server ID of the calendar item. The CalendarId element value can be up to 64 characters in length.
CollectionId 6 Specifies the folder that contains the meeting request.
MeetingResponse 7 Identifies the body of the HTTP POST as containing a MeetingResponse command (section
RequestId 8 Specifies the server ID of the meeting request message item.
Request 9 Specifies the meeting request that is being responded to, the response to that meeting request, and the folder on the server that the meeting request is located in.
Result 10 Serves as a container for elements that are sent to the client in the response.
Status 11 Contains the operation responses.
UserResponse 12 Indicates whether the meeting is being accepted, tentatively accepted, or declined.
InstanceId 14 Specifies the instance of the recurring meeting to be modified.

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