ValidationType enumeration

Represents customer side validation type. AnyValue represents no validation.

public enum ValidationType


Name Value Description
AnyValue 0 Any value validation type.
DropDownList 1 Show dropdown list.
List 2 List validation type.
FreeList 3 Free List validation type.
CustomExpression 4 Custom validation type, using regular expression.
Boolean 5 TRUE or FALSE
Number 6 Number ( Integer or Double ).
Integer 7 Integer
Date 8 Date yyyy-MM-dd
DateTime 9 DateTime (yyyy-MM-dd or yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss).
Time 10 Time (hh:mm:ss).
TextLength 11 textlength
CustomString 12 customstr
CustomFunction 13 Custom javascript function validation.
CustomServerFunction 14 Custom server-side function validation.
CheckBox 15 Display the cell as a checkbox. And the value of the cell is True of False.

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