Class GroupOn

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.tasks.GroupOn

  • public final class GroupOn

    Specifies the type of grouping.

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      static int DateDay
      Group on date by day.
      static int DateEachValue
      Group on date for each value.
      static int DateHour
      Group on date by hour.
      static int DateMinute
      Group on date by minute.
      static int DateMonth
      Group on date by month.
      static int DateQtr
      Group on date by quarter.
      static int DateThirdOfMonth
      Group on date by each third of a month.
      static int DateWeek
      Group on date by week.
      static int DateYear
      Group on date by year.
      static int DurationDays
      Group on duration by days.
      static int DurationEachValue
      Group on duration for each value.
      static int DurationHours
      Group on duration by hours.
      static int DurationMinutes
      Group on duration by minutes.
      static int DurationMonths
      Group on duration by months.
      static int DurationWeeks
      Group on duration by weeks.
      static int EachValue
      Group by each value.
      static int Interval
      Group by the interval.
      static int OutlineEachValue
      Group on each outline value.
      static int OutlineLevel
      Group on the outline level.
      static int Pct110
      Group by 10 percent completion increments.
      static int Pct125
      Group by 25 percent completion increments.
      static int Pct150
      Group by 50 percent completion increments.
      static int Pct199
      Group by 99 percent completion.
      static int PctEachValue
      Group on percent of each value.
      static int PctInterval
      Group on the interval percent.
      static int TextEachValue
      Group on each text value.
      static int TextPrefix
      Group on the text prefix.
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